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  • Toronto, ON M2J 5B4
200-2005 Sheppard Avenue E Toronto, ON M2J 5B4


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+1 (416) 400-5500



I give my clients anywhere in Ontario the ability to access private mortgage loans for those times in life where you are thrown a curveball and the traditional channels for help have let you down. Private mortgage loans are traditionally registered for up to 85% of the value of your home with exceptions to 90%. The mortgage contract for a private loan is set by the risk associated with your situation as determined by the private lender.

The unique approach I have taken towards this area of business has truly benefited my clients seeking private mortgage loans. I have, over a number of years, taken the time to develop proprietary sources of private capital through a network of lenders in Toronto and across Ontario which result in savings passed on to the borrower. What this in effect accomplishes is less cost of borrowing and an ability to turn the negative situation around in less time.

Not only are individuals with a lot of consumer debt candidates for this type of private mortgage, but there are also self-employed business owners who are just not in a position to show all their income or don’t desire others poking around in their business who are a great match for this type of loan. The reason being the qualification process is about as simple as the lender desires. If there is the reasonability of repayment and the equity is present in your Ontario property, I can easily find a private lender who will provide you liquid cash within the week. This can be a business owner’s dream come true when opportunity knocks.

The terms involved vary depending on the risk assessed however generally speaking the interest rates on private mortgages range from 5-15% and higher. Any cost involved with the private loan is disclosed before you commit and it is always my prerogative to mitigate or cap all costs into the private loan if possible making this a solution that helps you turn a bad situation to good.

Whether you are in Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA or anywhere in Ontario, contact me below and I’ll do my best to find you a private mortgage lender to help you through a tough spot.